Purpose of the Center

The Center for Special Therapies “Kivotos Exelixis” is a center operated under the direction of speech therapist Tasos Mokas, with the aim of providing speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical education, special education, socialization, individual and family counseling, professional counseling and psychotherapy. as well as special editions for children, teens, adults and health professionals.

The staff of our center has been selected based on all the Ethical principles, the higher education for the best possible clinical result. We are interested in having excellent communication with the parents, carers and other members of the child / adolescent / adult team.

Our philosophy is that the correct evaluation and the multifaceted treatment, is achieved by a team effort in which everyone has an active and cooperative role.

The interdisciplinary team of the “Kivotos Exelixis” Center consists of a Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Special Educator and associate specialists, scientists and medical specialties, which are considered necessary for the holistic approach of man. (Neurologists, Child Psychiatrists, Developmental Physicians, Pediatricians, Behavioral Optometrists, Otolaryngologists, etc.)

Our center collaborates with Greek and foreign scientific associations based on the constant information and specialization in the field of special education, and health, trying to keep all the necessary elements of scientific ethics.

At the same time, by modernizing and upgrading our spaces, we take care to provide the appropriate therapeutic and humanitarian conditions to children and adults.