Our center offers Special Education and Mental Health services, as well as training seminars for Specialists and Parents. Finally, our center makes special publications for children, adolescents, adults and health professionals.

1. Early intervention

Early Intervention consists of therapeutic programs of various specialties, provided to children from birth to the age of three, who have developmental problems or are at high risk of neurodevelopmental disorders.

The goal of Early Intervention is to promote the child's health, strengthen abilities, improve developmental delay and address existing or emerging motor, cognitive, and emotional deficits. It also improves the quality of life through special programs and counseling parents.

Children who can benefit from Early Intervention services belong to three main groups:

  1. Infants who show difficulties in their neurological nature and psychomotor development, such as Cerebral Palsy and genetic syndromes.
  2. Infants with an increased risk of developing neurodevelopmental problems due to organic or biological conditions (prematurity, hospitalization in an M.E.N.N.)
  3. Infants who come from a poor physical and psychosocial environment where they have been deprived of sensory stimuli.

2. Sessions at home

For your convenience and service, we provide the possibility to offer home sessions in the following cases:

  • Education for Learning Difficulties - Dyslexia
  • Speech therapy
  • Ergotherapy
  • Special Education: Hyperactivity, Deficit attention, Psychomotor retardation, Developmental disorders.

3. Advice on the introduction of solid foods through the Baby led weaning method

Nutrition during the first 1001 days of human life, starting from fetal life, is decisive for the future health and development of each child.

Far from "ready-made" solutions and finding the golden ratio with sensory experiences, through the Baby led weaning method we help the entire development of the child.

What is the Introduction of Solid Food and what ways of offering food to infants exist through the Baby Led Weaning method.


  • When and how to introduce solid foods to infants according to the I.M.F and the profile of each child.
  • What are the signs of readiness?
  • Ground Foods and Baby-Led Weaning.
  • How do we start?

Through counseling and home visits in some cases we offer parents training for safe admission.

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